Real Honey

Real Honey

of unique taste Gifts For pleasure For companies

Offer yourself and dear ones REAL HONEY GIFT-make your family, business partners, relatives happy! Help them feel special! You will be proud and fulfilled too!

How many times have you been thinking which present would enthuse your lovely person, friends and relatives?
How many times you simply haven’t any idea which present would be unique, healthy and what would make a real difference…
Luxury package of our first class Acacia and Linden honey will make you and the person you are gifting, special.
Your gift package of Linden and Acacia honey will be carefully guarded in a specific reusable glass jar and wooden spoon complements the experience of using honey.
The most important- Did you ever get one real proof of honey quality or you have only heard many stories and what at all „Real“ means?
You don’t have to search any more: our luxury package of honey contains approved certificate of quality.
It will be real confirmation and you can be proud of product that you give away.

Linden honey 16 €

Acacia honey 17 €

For pleasure

Take pleasure in warmth of your home with family, enjoy family lunch, breakfast or dinner, drink your lovely tea, enjoy in time reading your favored book…
Add to your own pleasure minutes flavor of favored healthy first class Linden or Acacia honey.
The most important - You don’t have to search for real honey answers any more. Our certificate of quality will be real confirmation of your pride and certainty in product that is now your pleasure.

Linden honey 8 €

Acacia honey 9 €

Business gift

that is long remembered

REAL HONEY creates personalized business gift for your business partners, clients, company events (Conferences, team buildings, New Year celebrations, anniversaries, celebrations of successful business) which have the most important element – SURPRISE!
Luxury gift is all – product, experience, flavor, memory, impression, emotion.

Our story

Our story begins in last century in early seventies, when our father wanted to help his father in bees keeping. They started with several handmade beehives and plenty of enthusiasm. After two years, they made first professional „Dadant Blatt” hive. After three years, they started with their own queen-bees production.
As we were growing up, we learned that we need to nurture our bees, helping them to make honey through forming strong society of bees. We accommodated them in green woods of Vrsac - mountains. This natural habitat keeps them far away from any kind of impurity. Fresh air, wind and flowers are woven in every drop of acacia and linden honey from our mountains. Nutrition of our bees over winter is exclusively our honey that is carefully guarded.
Nowadays we gathered family in small, sweet and harmonious manufacture. We invest our time and enthusiasm to make healthy product with own identity. Not because mixed honey isn’t healthy, but it is not good enough to be the best for you and your children.
We don’t melt honey and we don’t add any substances like antibiotics, glucose or fructose, we don’t mix it with any other kind of honey.
Now, we put purity and sweetness of our REAL HONEY in front of you. We don’t want to tell you stories how healthy is to take at list one spoon of that honey every morning, but we want you to feel stronger every morning later.
You can make every your day special, every your job rewarding, every your step brave when you are healthy. To be healthy think on time and make step with REAL HONEY!
Help yourself and your dear ones to be happy and satisfied.
Luxury is purity and simplicity!

Our latest awards

We won silver award on International sensory quality assessment organized by agricultural Faculty- University Novi Sad
for our acacia honey and bronze award for our linden honey.
Five eminent doctors gave us signature and confidence! Why you wouldn’t believe us?
Experience us!

Our Contact

Address: Agricultural economy Pudja Milan
Vojnicki trg 24, 26300 Vrsac | Serbia

Phone: +381 65 8981236 | +381 62